David Finnigan studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art , gaining a BA (Hons) degree there in 1988.
He is a painter , who is developing a working practice which attempts to present a style of realism that is both a progressive and an experimental development of that genre.
Working with and across the techniques of Photorealism / Hyperrealism / Superrealism, Finnigan takes out elements from these disciplines and adds new ways of interpreting reality.
Despite this he does not have a closed view of Photo/Hyper/Superrealist painting and to this end he utilises several different working practices :-

"My work is firmly rooted in my belief in the values of traditional realist and photorealist painting. However, I also believe in finding new ways or methods to develop my art practice. My approach is to create scenes or compositions - usually through small sketches or studies. These studies can be fuelled by an empirical based reaction or something I have an emotional affinity for or connection to. If I find one of these compositions interesting, I then attempt to realise it in a photorealist / painterly style."

"I currently use several working methods. One of which is the use of digital technology in the form of 3D modelling/rendering software to create '3D scenes' which are based on the sketches I have made and when rendered become virtual 'photographs' to use as a basis for making a painting."

"I have an open attitude to the making of my work. The tools I use for each painting will differ and the choice is a positive and objective one. Whether it be the use of 3D tools or photo collage or a single phorograph, these are all just a means to an end."

Finnigan is represented in the U.K by the London gallery - Plus One  Since forming that relationship his work is now held in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.

D Finnigan ©2017